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Established in 2019, we offer classical piano lessons in Singapore. Our Steinway and August Förster grand pianos, extensive library of music scores and reference materials, and professional expertise, provide students an ideal environment for music making and to seriously hone their skills at the piano  




Dr. Peter Krakauer

University Professor, Musicologist, Musician 

Doctor of Philosophy in Musicology and Arts History (University of Vienna)

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Pamela Krakauer

Piano teacher, Commentator, Musician

Bachelor and Master of Arts in Piano Pedagogy (Universität Mozarteum Salzburg), with distinction

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature (National University of Singapore),

with honours

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"Pamela Krakauer was a participant in my seminars on Piano Pedagogy and Teaching Methodology at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg from 2009 to 2015 and it was my pleasure to witness her development over the years. During this time as a student in my seminars, Pamela demonstrated plenty of empathy and musical sensibility in her teaching demonstrations with her own students. Throughout these demonstrations, Pamela played music in a cultivated way with a variety of tone colour and stylistic nuances, which led to a refinement of her students’ musical perception and in turn, motivating them to practise. At the same time, she could offer explanations and give feedback with precise clarity as to what steps had to be taken, so that a student could improve and attain an astounding level of playing in a short time. Her compassion and warmth are qualities that enable her to work with many different types of student personalities. I can only recommend with wholehearted enthusiasm, Pamela’s competency as a pianist and piano pedagogue!"


-- Univ. Prof. Thomas Böckheler

Professor of Piano and Piano Didactics at the University for Music and Theatre, Munich, and

Universität Mozarteum Salzburg

We continue to grow, discover, and remain curious and humbled through our artistic projects, research, and musical challenges 

We embrace artistic challenges as performers, collaborate with 
like-minded musicians, curate recital programmes, and create performing opportunities for our students

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Musical Dialogues is a convivial space for teaching, collaboration, communication, and inspiration. We pass on technique and values from the classical European tradition of music-making and piano pedagogy, to our students.

We seek to build a mutually-respectful, sensitive, and healthy community of student individuals.

An emphasis on rigour, details, musicality and communication, characterises our teaching approach: we encourage students to develop their own unique personalities and expressive capabilities, so that enthusiasm derived from musical exploration translates into other aspects of life.

Music is our constant companion that enriches us in immeasurable ways, fuelling our imagination and love of life, a tapestry of camaraderie that connects and binds us with others

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