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speaking and writing about music

At Musical Dialogues, we hope to nurture students who are not only capable of proficiency at the piano, but approach music with a spirit of curiosity and inquiry, and able to express informed opinions as critical listeners.

​These academic-based seminar style classes explore different topics in music history, music from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective or a set work. 


​Relevant for MEP or advanced-level students preparing for their viva voce component, we hope to stretch students beyond the boundaries of formal examination requirements.

musicology consultancy

We weave together in our pre-concert talks, opera and music appreciation workshops, compelling and inspiring narratives about compositions and composers.  

We highlight unexpected connections between different musical figures, to make music history relevant, engaging, and unforgettable for audiences. 

With our familiarity and knowledge of Europe, we offer itinerary planning for immersive music history field trips to cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Salzburg, and Venice. 


Historically-focused, theoretical, demonstrative and hands-on, these improvisation & basic composition classes and workshops are interactive in nature, where participants can learn how to improvise or compose in the style of a fugue, classical sonata, waltz, bel canto aria, march, polka, a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical-hit, or a Cole Porter/Gershwin song. 

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