introduction and teaching philosophy

Individual piano lessons are suitable for those who wish to seriously develop their pianistic abilities, maximise their musical potential and talents, and study the piano at an in-depth level. This includes students preparing for music examinations (ABRSM, Trinity, MEP assessment), diplomas, auditions for conservatory admission, solo or chamber music performances.


We seek to nurture engaged and interested students and to develop a strong technical foundation, so that musical possibilities can be realised at the piano. 

Lessons take place in the context of a learner-centric environment, with much emphasis on self-awareness and the inculcation of healthy and conscientious practising habits. We believe in positive reinforcement and a firm style of communication, with no compromises when it comes to musical principles and execution.

Grounded in rigour, pedagogical ethics, and responsibility, our aim is to support every student's development of musical sensitivity, taste, discernment, and independence in the long run. 

admission and acceptance

We offer a one-hour trial session at a reduced rate of S$60 for prospective students, who have to present 2 to 3 contrasting pieces.The trial session involves an interview, where we explore and assess different issues:

· the student’s goals and aspirations (and parental expectations, if relevant), and discuss whether or not this is compatible with what we offer.

· physical posture, musical responsiveness and adaptability. 

. repertoire studied over the past 6 months and future repertoire. 

· theoretical knowledge, aural, listening, sight-reading and communication skills.

·  reasons for wanting to transfer to another piano studio (in the case of transfer students). 

·  mutual rapport which is necessary for a successful partnership between teacher and student.

Students are expected to perform on a regular basis for their studio mates, participate in group performance classes and when possible, public performances in order to challenge themselves, acquire self-confidence and present their pieces in a more formal setting.

policies on ABRSM and Trinity graded piano exams 

We believe that ABRSM examinations are just one mode of assessment and while good results give the individual a sense of achievement and validation, certificates should never be the primary goal.

Being aware and sensitive to the academic pressures of mainstream Singapore schools, we aim to teach in a succinct and concentrated way, to diagnose errors and recommend how to practice correctly to avoid repetitive errors, so that the student can improve in the best possible way within the shortest possible time.

We firmly reject the way music examinations are so entrenched in the Singapore system and advocate that students have a strong connection to music and develop a relationship to the piano, by playing a lot of repertoire.

We do not push our students to take examinations every year. However, we expect our students to progress and develop at a fast pace. 


We work with parents who trust our professional competency in deciding what pace a student should learn, if and when examinations should be taken, and not parents who dictate to us when examinations should be taken. 

"Pamela Krakauer was a participant in my seminars on Piano Pedagogy and Teaching Methodology at the University Mozarteum Salzburg from 2009 to 2015 and it was my pleasure to witness her development over the years. During this time as a student in my seminars, Pamela demonstrated plenty of empathy and musical sensibility in her teaching demonstrations with her own students. Throughout these demonstrations, Pamela played music in a cultivated way with a variety of tone colour and stylistic nuances, which led to a refinement of her students’ musical perception and in turn, motivating them to practise. At the same time, she could offer explanations and give feedback with precise clarity as to what steps had to be taken, so that a student could improve and attain an astounding level of playing in a short time. Her compassion and warmth are qualities that enable her to work with many different types of student personalities. I can only recommend with wholehearted enthusiasm, Pamela’s competency as a pianist and piano pedagogue!"



-- Univ. Prof. Thomas Böckheler

Professor of Piano and Piano Didactics at the University for Music and Theatre, Munich, and University Mozarteum Salzburg.

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