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teaching philosophy

Individual piano lessons are suitable for those who wish to seriously develop their pianistic abilities, maximise their musical potential and talents, and study the piano at an in-depth level. This includes students preparing for music examinations (ABRSM, Trinity, MEP assessment), diplomas, auditions for conservatory admission, solo or chamber music performances.


We seek to nurture engaged and interested students and to develop a strong technical foundation, so that musical possibilities can be realised at the piano. 

Lessons take place in the context of a learner-centric environment, with much emphasis on self-awareness and the inculcation of healthy and conscientious practising habits. We believe in positive reinforcement and a firm style of communication, with no compromises when it comes to musical principles and execution. We aim to support every student's development of musical sensitivity, taste, discernment, and independence in the long run. 


We offer a one-hour trial session at S$60 for prospective students who have to present 2 contrasting pieces. The trial session also involves an interview, where we explore and assess different issues: ​the student’s goals and aspirations (and parental expectations, if relevant).

Students are expected to perform on a regular basis for their studio mates, participate in group performance classes and when possible, public performances in order to challenge themselves, acquire self-confidence and present their pieces in a more formal setting.

policy on ABRSM/Trinity exams & diplomas

We believe that ABRSM examinations are just one mode of assessment and while good results give the individual a sense of achievement and validation, certificates should never be the primary goal.

​We firmly reject the way music examinations are so entrenched in the Singapore system and certainly do not push our students to take examinations every year. However, we expect our students to progress and develop at a reasonably fast pace, and to do well in examinations if they decide to sign up and to learn their pieces within a short time span. (To date, we have a 80% distinction and 20% merit rate). Other student achievements include awards for being the most outstanding MEP student in their cohorts/respective schools, winning second prize winner in a Baroque music international competition. We have also supported other young instrumentalists (in the role of accompanist), who have gone on to attain distinctions at Grade 8 and win international music competitions. 

To gain an impression of some of our students' playing and past recital programmes, please click the button below, or visit our Youtube channel. 

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